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December 1, 2019

New paleoflood hydrology research paper: 700-year record of floods on Lower Green River in Stillwater Canyon

Paleoflood Hydrology on the lower Green River, Upper Colorado River Basin, USA: An example of a naturalist approach to flood-risk analysis. 2019, Liu et al.



Approach: analysis of physical evidence from past flood phenomena

Physical evidence: slackwater deposits (sediment) and paleostage indicators (perched driftwood is an example)

Year of obtaining samples: 2012

Dating techniques: Accelerator Mass Spectrometry, radiocarbon, optically stimulated luminescence

Number of sites: 6

Location of sites: Stillwater Canyon; lower Green River, Utah. Beginning 21 miles above confluence with the Colorado River, in Canyonlands National Park.

Basin: Colorado River in southwest USA

Time-frame: the last seven centuries

Total number of floods: 27

Magnitude (range in cubic meters per second): 500 to 7,500 Magnitude (range in cubic feet per second): 17,657 to 264,860

Highest peak from gage record: 68,122 cubic feet per second

Number of floods greater than gage record: 14

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